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Searching for the
Best Health Insurance?

We’ll help find a great quote for you

Why Medical Cover?

You've insured your car, your home, and your valuables - but isn't your health your most important asset?

Health insurance (also known as medical insurance) provides a reassurance that if you fall ill, you’ll get the treatment you need, when you need it by the best medical specialists and at the best hospitals.

Private health insurance will cover the cost of surgery, accommodation, nursing and treatment from medical specialists at a private hospital. (In some cases this may be in a private ward of an NHS hospital.)

It's a well known fact the NHS system has an unacceptably long waiting list for medical treatments. When you have health insurance, you can be confident that you and your loved ones will receive the medical attention as quickly as possible, without the concern of NHS waiting lists. It's one less thing to worry about.

Traditionally health insurance was a luxury item, just for the wealthy, but that’s no longer the case - medical cover is now widely accessible. can help you find an amazing health insurance plan to suit your needs, budget and most importantly which is right for you. We have access to great UK deals from most leading health insurers.

Enjoy the following benefits of comprehensive health insurance:

  • Convenience: Unlike the NHS system where you are given a date for your operation, private insurance lets you plan your operation to suit your personal timetable.
  • Quality advice: You can rest assured that you will receive quality advice from a consultant.
  • Peace of mind: Provides you with the peace of mind knowing that if you fall ill, your hospital expenses will be covered.
  • High quality care: You are assured to receive high quality care from a medical specialist.
  • High quality facilities: Private patients are cared for in the best hospitals or nursing homes in the UK.
  • Choice: Receive treatments at the facility and location that suit you best.
  • Speed: No need to wait for months under the NHS system for a treatment or for a bed. In most cases the patient is referred to a specialist to receive prompt attention.
  • Privacy: In most cases you will have your own ensuite with satellite television in your own room with other home comforts.
  • No restrictions: There are no set visiting times so your friends and family can visit whenever is convenient.
  • No medical tests: There are no medical tests required to join a private health insurance plan.

You could get a top quote from a leading UK provider...

  • CS Healthcare
  • PruHealth
  • Freedom Health
  • AXA
  • Vitality