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Cheap healthcare is it for me?

Cheap Healthcare Insurance is it For Me?
The cheapest option is rarely the best route when it comes to choosing many things, but it certainly shouldn’t be they way you choose private healthcare insurance. When you shop around for private medical insurance you need to make sure you choose the right policy for your circumstances. Of course any insurance needs to be affordable, but to some degree you get what you pay for with health insurance with more expensive policies generally offering more comprehensive cover.

It’s important that you compare like-with-like when shopping around and looking for cheap healthcare insurance. You should read the policy carefully and importantly make sure you understand what is and isn’t covered by the policy. The cheapest policy you find may give very limited cover or exclude some treatments or give access to a limited number of hospitals, for example.

There are several ways to make insurance more affordable. You could choose to pay a larger excess (the amount you pay when you make a claim) and this will reduce how much you pay each month. Some policies give lower premiums if you are treated on the NHS if treatment is available within a certain time period, six weeks, is typical. This means that if you can be treated within six weeks on the NHS then you don’t get private treatment and you are treated on the NHS. The best way of making sure you get the right healthcare policy at the best price is by shopping around and getting advice.

Choose a Lower Level of Healthcare Insurance Cover
Most private healthcare insurers offer several different levels of cover. The more comprehensive the cover the more you will pay. For example, some policies only pay out for inpatient treatment - outpatient care and consultations are not covered. The number of hospitals you can be treated in will also affect how much you pay for private medical cover. The most expensive policies allow you to be treated in more than 400 private and NHS hospitals. You can save money by choosing a policy that only lets you be treated in local hospitals or a more limited selection of hospitals.

How to Find the right Healthcare Insurance
Private medical insurance is complicated and it's essential that you choose the right policy. We specialise in medical insurance cover and will search the market leading providers and help you find the right cover at the best price available. We provide no obligation and the advice that we provide is absolutely free.

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