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Does my child need Private Medical Insurance?

If you have children what would you do if they were taken ill and you couldn’t get the treatment they need quickly on the NHS? This is every parent’s worst nightmare and of course if your child needs urgent medical treatment you would do anything to ensure they are treated as quickly as possible. You can insure against this by taking out a private medical insurance policy for them in their own name, or they could be covered on your own private medical insurance policy.

A private medical insurance policy lets you choose when and where, you, or your child is treated. This could mean they receive faster treatment than having to wait for treatment on the NHS. Also some people are turning to private medical insurance because they are concerned about standards in the NHS, medical negligence cases and so-called superbugs, like, MRSA.

When deciding if you need private medical insurance for your child you need to weigh up the cost of cover against the chance that they will be seriously ill and not be able to treated quickly on the NHS. However the NHS has a wide range of specialist medical facilities to look after children, and as fewer children get seriously ill you may not have to wait too long for treatment for your child.

Some private medical insurance policies for children cover access to treatments and care where there are often long waiting lists, for example, physiotherapy, speech therapy and chiropody. As with policies for adults some private medical insurance for children will only pay for private medical treatment if the NHS cannot deal with the illness within a set period, for example, six weeks.

How to Choose a Private Medical Insurance Policy for Your Children
When choosing a policy it’s important that you choose the one that is the most suitable for you and your child. Some policies don’t take into account the medical history of the child’s parents. This can mean cheaper premiums if the parents have pre-existing illnesses. It’s important that you shop around for the right cover at the right price. Check if your children are already covered on your own private medical insurance policy, or if they can be added. Compare the cost with a standalone policy to cover your children.  If you have private medical cover from your employer your children could be added to it, or may be covered already automatically.

However you may feel that if private medical insurance is worth having for you, then it is certainly worth having for your child.

How to Find the right Private Medical Insurance for Your Children
Private medical insurance is complicated and it's essential that you choose the right policy. We specialise in medical insurance cover and will search the market and help you find the right cover at the best price available. Quotes for medical insurance are free and you are under no obligation.

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