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Freedom Healthnet Health Insurance

Freedom HealthnetOne of the most unique and popular private medical insurance companies in the UK is Freedom Healthnet Health Insurance. This program is different from many of the other private medical insurance plans out there, and many of their customers prefer this type of scheme to the alternatives. If you want a new way to handle your private medical care, you should look into this company.

The way that Freedom Healthnet Health Insurance works is this. You get a cash lump sum of benefits. You can then choose to have your treatment at a private hospital or at an NHS hospital. Regardless of where you have your treatment, you are able to keep the difference between the costs. This means that, if you can wait for the NHS queue for a given treatment, you can actually wind up with a lump sum of cash rather than going to a private medical solution.

There are a wide range of policies offered by Freedom Healthnet Health Insurance. There are individual policies, policies for single parent families, policies for couples, policies for families with children, and policies that only cover children. Their family policies are particularly cost-effective for families with more than one child in that the policy covers the entire family, regardless of how many children are in that family.

There are four levels of cover from Freedom Healthnet Health Insurance, each with their own benefits:

  • Essential health. This level of cover lets you claim a certain amount per year, and it can include hospital charges, nursing charges, expenses and medications.
  • Core medical insurance platinum. This cover is similar to the essential health cover, but the claim maximum is increased. It also includes cover for some things, such as physiotherapy, that aren’t included in essential health.
  • Comprehensive PMI diamond. This plan covers a much larger amount per year. It also covers a certain amount of outpatient premiums. With this plan, you can save 6 percent on your premiums just by having them deducted automatically.

Fully comprehensive diamond plus. This plan from Freedom Healthnet Health Insurance gives you full cover for all inpatient and outpatient treatment, as well as other benefits including things like alternative therapies and psychiatric treatment.

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