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Best Medical Cover

Searching for the
Best Health Insurance?

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HSA Health Insurance

Best Medical CoverHSA Health Insurance offers a variety of Personal Medical Plans that are ideal for you and for your family. If you’re looking for an affordable and flexible way to get private medical insurance, choosing an HSA Health Insurance Personal Medical Plan will give you what you want.

Private medical insurance is chosen by between 10 and 15 percent of residents of the UK. There are a number of reasons that you may want to get private medical insurance from HSA Health Insurance. Many people find themselves frustrated with the NHS queues, or disappointed with the speed of services that they are receiving. In other cases, people choose to purchase private medical insurance because they are unhappy with the quality of service that they're getting from the National Health service. In some areas, in particular, the NHS hospitals have a less-than-stellar reputation, and a private hospital may be the only way you're comfortable receiving medical care.

HSA Health insurance is comprised of four separate modules. You can pick and choose which module or modules you want to participate in. Your choice of modules will determine your premiums.

Here are the four HSA Health Insurance modules:

  • Module 1. This module provides you with unlimited cover for outpatient consultation. It will help you to get a medical problem diagnosed quickly. HSA Health Insurance will arrange all of your appointments, insuring that you consult with the same person and making sure that your care is consistent from start to finish.
  • Module 2. This module includes situations where you may need surgery. If your condition can be addressed with surgery, this cover lets you get that treatment in a quick fashion, and covers the costs. Most surgical conditions are covered, as long as they’re diagnosed and referred by a qualified General Practitioner or a specialist.
  • Module 3. This module covers a variety of therapies. It offers treatment for physiotherapy, chiropractic therapy, osteopathy and a number of other therapeutic treatments. The module generally covers a certain number of therapeutic visits per calendar year.
  • Module 4. This module covers the costs of serious illnesses like heart conditions and cancer. These conditions are not only life-threatening, they can become expensive very quickly. There is a hard limit on the amount that the policy will pay out.

HSA Health Insurance offers Personal Medical Plans for individuals, for couples and for families. For the ultimate in flexibility and affordability, you should look into HSA Health Insurance.

HSA, BCWA, HealthSure, LHF and Totally Active have now joined together to form Simplyhealth.

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