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In the UK there are about 75 health insurance companies. These companies offer hundreds of products and options i.e. in patient treatments, outpatient treatments, complimentary therapy treatments etc. The list goes on! In order to find the best deal you have to shop around, which can be a very time consuming and dreary experience. 

In order to get the best value cover you usually need to use a broker or medical insurance search site. They can search the market for you and provide you with a great value medical insurance quote that meets your needs. is one of the UK's leading consumer loan websites; searching policies from leading insurers to find you a great medical insurance deal. 

Most of the people looking for medical insurance are too busy to shop around and normally arrange medical cover through their bank or local supermarket. They usually end up paying excessively high premiums without even realising what savings they can achieve by switching medical insurance provider, or arranging the cover with the right insurance provider in the first place. 

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