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  • Your Guide to Affordable Private Health Insurance

    With spending cuts and restructuring within the NHS, now is a good time to investigate taking out Private Medical Insurance and with so many different types of policies available, Private Health Insurance is more affordable than ever. Monthly premiums can start from as little as £25 per month –  the ...

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  • Is it worth having Private Health Insurance

    Private Health insurance also known as private health insurance provides access to medical treatment if you are ill instead of having to wait for treatment on the NHS. Private Health treatment covers short-term illnesses or injuries and can include consultations, surgery and nursing care and hospital accommodation. With Private Health ...

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  • Does my child need Private Medical Insurance?

    If you have children what would you do if they were taken ill and you couldn’t get the treatment they need quickly on the NHS? This is every parent’s worst nightmare and of course if your child needs urgent medical treatment you would do anything to ensure they are treated ...

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  • Compare the Health Insurance Market

    How to Compare the Health Insurance Market?

    Private medical insurance gives you access to private medical treatment in a private room of a private hospital or NHS hospital without having to wait for treatment on the NHS. Private medical insurance is complicated and it is important that you find the ...

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  • Cheap healthcare is it for me?

    Cheap Healthcare Insurance is it For Me?

    The cheapest option is rarely the best route when it comes to choosing many things, but it certainly shouldn’t be they way you choose private healthcare insurance. When you shop around for private medical insurance you need to make sure you choose the ...

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  • Does Cheap Medical Insurance Really Give Good Value?

    You may think that private medical insurance is too expensive and is out of your reach. However competition in recent years has led to medical insurance companies lowering prices and offering a wider range of private medical insurance to meet most budgets. You should be able to find medical insurance ...

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  • Why Compare Private Health Insurance?

    Private health insurance, also known as private medical insurance, allows you to receive private medical treatment instead of having to wait for treatment on the NHS. Private health insurance policies are complicated and it’s essential that you shop around to save money and make sure you compare policies to find ...

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  • How to get the Best Health Insurance?

    What would you do if you needed an operation and had to wait for several months for treatment on the NHS? Even worse it could be a family member who needs treatment, if you have health insurance they would receive treatment in a private hospital in days, not weeks or ...

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  • Compare healthcare plans in the UK

    What are Healthcare Plans?

    Healthcare plans are another name for private medical insurance or private health insurance and give you access to health care when you need it without having to wait for treatment on the NHS and it doesn't have to be expensive. Private medical insurance covers short-term illnesses ...

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  • Best UK Private Hospitals

    Best UK Private Hospitals
    Private medical insurance gives you access to private medical treatment in hundreds of private hospitals across the UK. The main benefit of private medical insurance is you can choose when and where you are treated. Waiting lists on the NHS can mean that you have to ...

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